2016 Four Corners Summer Retreat

Mark your calendars for this fun event, July 8-10, at Pine Song on the Pine River, 12758 County Road 501, Bayfield (near Vallecito), CO 81122.  Call Phyl Daleske at (970) 731-4589 for questions or to arrange to carpool.

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Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Welcome to the Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship!

We are a community of spiritual seekers guided by the principle of honoring the inherent dignity of every person, including diversity of spiritual beliefs and lifestyles.  In fact, our motto is “More curiosity, less judgment.”  We believe in outreach and support Pagosa with many community projects.  Education and lifelong learning are important aspects of who we are.  Please come join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. to learn more about us and to experience our welcoming community.

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