Benefits of Membership:

  • Support a liberal religious voice in Pagosa Springs, which affirms reason, tolerance, honesty and compassion.
  • Find the encouragement to pursue your own religious journey among open-minded, supportive people.
  • Be a full voting participant in congregational decisions and be eligible to serve on the steering committee and in other capacities.
  • Become a part of the wider Unitarian Universalist community and the programs and services provided, such as Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), UUA Bookstore, and UU World, a quarterly magazine published by UUA and sent to all members.

Our programs are open to everyone and we appreciate contributions of money and time from all who benefit from the Fellowship’s presence in Pagosa Springs. We hope that those who find themselves “at home” here will want to become members of our congregation.

It’s easy to join! All people are welcome to become members of our Fellowship. We ask you to sign our Membership Book and make a contribution of record by filling out and signing a pledge card. No specific dollar amount is required. Whatever you choose to give is gratefully accepted! For each member our UU fellowship pays total yearly dues to UUA and MDD of approximately $86; each member automatically receives a subscription to UU World, a quarterly magazine published by UUA. On a regular basis new members are welcomed into our Fellowship in a brief ceremony during a Sunday service.

Volunteer opportunities abound:
Volunteer opportunities change with the seasons and as needs arise. For current volunteer possibilities please refer to our Newsletters and Programs web pages.

December 2017 Roster of PUUF Members & Friends (password required)